The horse in motion


The first book co-authored by La Cense and CWD-VetLAB laboratory (joined LIM Group and Enva-CIRALE)


The goal of this collaboration? Allow a maximum of riders to understand the functioning of the horse, to better respect it.

Combining data on the anatomy and on the biomechanics of the horse (resulting from scientific research), this book therefore makes accessible the main part of this knowledge thanks to clear explanations and meaningful illustrations, in order to allow the rider to act with accuracy on the attitude of the horse, whatever its practice. The technical know-how put forward is a continuation of the La Cense Method.


possible to achieve each movement in a relaxed manner. The comfort and serenity installed, the horse-rider relationship develops as well as the motivation of the couple.


The theoretical part of the book explains why a harmonious musculature is synonymous with good physical and mental health of the horse. On the practical side, the 30 exercises provide the technical keys to improve locomotion.


Included in the book, free access to 6 unreleased video exercises!


On the E-Campus, the online training platform of Cense, access free of charge to 6 exercises from the new collection of videos: 3 walking exercises and 3 mounted exercises, to illustrate the contents of the book.


192 pages


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