Horse Dry Shampoo Powder – La Douche à Maouche


Its soft formula composed of oat flour (organic), rice starch, wheat proteins and white clay,

-       Cleans without irritating,

-       Does not attack the hair and skin of your horse,

-       Absorbs sebum, dust and loosens deeply,

-       Eliminates dandruff and crusts,

-       Removes urine, dung, grass and grease stains on the foot,

-       Cleans and degreases mane and tail without leaving a trace,

-       Restores radiance and whiteness to gray, white and light dresses,

-       Suitable for all types of coats and all types of horses.


With organic essential oil of bergamot without bergapten

With bergamot and mirabelle plum extracts

Paraben free - silicone free - sulphate free - color free,

made in France

Powder bottle / 5 holes of 3mm 250ml


Use without water unique and so awesome! It is the essential that all riders have been waiting for! We wash without water in summer and winter!


A dirty balzane after boxing? A rebellious stain when going on the paddock in competition? A horse that rolled up in its boxing just before riding? A stain of urine or dung on his pristine white horse? A horse afraid of water? A horse with dandruff? A scab of mud?

The answer? Dry shampoo! Powder, rub deeply, leave to act for a few minutes, brush and polish. No more stains! No more dandruff, no more scabs ...

Not only does its composition wash, but it softens and cleanses sensitive areas linked to dermatitis, eczema and mange of mud.

Designed, formulated and packaged with a French company specializing in cosmetics, this shampoo allows you to wash your horses in any season without a drop of water.

Its natural components have the particularity of absorbing dust and sebum in depth. Without a drop of water, your horse regains a soft, shiny and silky coat, delicately scented with organic essential oil of bergamot without bergapten.

Intended for all dresses (bay, chestnut, strawberry roan, black…), its washing power restores shine and whiteness to gray and white dresses. Practical, its format allows you to take it everywhere with you.


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