Marine mud from Mont Saint-Michel - KS by Equithalasso


Unique and completely natural, this sea mud composes with 100% of seabed collected at the foot of the Mont Saint Michel, within the famous bay*. The mud, laden with sediment, ionized in laboratory, is served totally healthy and so conserve all his potential action.

It can be used before and after effort, relieves bon diseases employing his high concentration of calcium, and muscular pathologies acting on deep tissues (osteoarthritis, muscle strain, spavin, sprain, desmite…)

It should be used on specific area of the body such as withers, back and lower back.


Instruction manual:

Paste ready to be used to apply cold, a thick layer on the joints (fetlock, carpus, cervical, wither, hock, stifle, back. Do not apply on wounds. Lay it dry and rinse. Avoid application on all the body.


Kevin Staut is associated with Bénédicte Lucazeau, the founder of the concept, in order to create a unique range and bring to light some care practices he endorses an prescribes on a case-by-case on top level horses.


Qualified non-doping


For technical enquiries, thanks to send an e-mail to and Bénédicte Lucazeau will answer you as soon as possible. Thanks to indicate if you want to be call. If necessary, you can ask us questions: 0644022952 or 0682378343.

*Each extraction is realized on the respect of the environmental compliance and participate to the regulation of soils at the foot of the Mont Saint Michel.


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