Friction Free Pad– Black/Red/black – Ogilvy Equestrian


Main characteristics :

-       Anti-friction, anti-slip, shock absorbing

-       Breathable, easy-care (stain resistant) and quick-drying

-       Calibrated and anti-bacterial, non-corrosive and non-irritant (absence of latex and other rubber derivatives)

-       With a superior line providing better protection for the withers and back

-       Handmade, recyclable and customizable

-       Made in Canada


Available models:

Size: Standard (saddle 16.5 "- 18")

Color Fabric / Loop (cord) / Border: Black / Red / Black


Friction Free Pad

Ogilvy Equestrian


For the first time available in France!


The Friction Free Pad, a carefully thought-out saddlery equipment.


Composed of 3-D shock absorbing materials and anti-friction materials, it acts like a real buffer, absorbing the shocks generated by the rider on the horse's back, thanks to a simple mechanism of transfer of movement and friction to the horse, inside the mat.

Ergonomic with the V-shaped back line, it reduces and protects the most exposed areas (withers, back) from contact wear, and limits movement of the mat backwards and downwards.

The memory foam naturally generates an optimal fit of any type of saddle with any equine morphology, thus promoting the comfort of horses and their muscle development.

The honeycomb fabric composed of a superposition of two layers of hollow fibers, meanwhile, provides ten times more resistance than traditional pad. The Friction Free Pad jumping also has a double strap passage (for both straps) ensuring a real hold of the pad in the chosen place.


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