Earplugs - Plughz


These earplugs, high efficiency, attenuate the noise and noise disturbance to allow a smooth horse’s training, in a clean and calm environment.

A dense mousse texture but very light, non-toxic, follow the shaped horse’s ears and dampen sounds in a very effective and uniform way.

Irritations related sometimes with acrylic plugs, or a feeling of tickling may be connected with utilization of “sheepskin” plugs, uncomfortable for horses, can be avoided by this new plug whose finish lightly textured also excludes risk of skidding.

The plugs are available in traditional kit of 10 even, very popular with professional, but also in duo of 2 peers.



Kevin Staut: “I only use these plugs, they fill perfectly their role on my horses the most anxious and they allow me to reduce their stress when the environment is not particularly calm.”


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