K Equestrian Community in a few words


11 May 2017

K Equestrian Community is more than just an innovative idea, it’s a concept, a real state of mind. Bringing people together, benefiting from one another’s differences, gathering skills, it’s opening a space of freedom where you can create, meet and share. By bringing down the barriers, K Equestrian Community is going to gather people together, create new opportunities and start new projects.

 - © K Equestrian Community

 © K Equestrian Community

The mechanics of the Community 


NEWS : informing about current events and activities of the community (meetings, receptions, exhibitions...).


INSPIRATIONS : traveling through various products, places and meetings around Art, Culture, new technologies, textile. A limitless exploration of a world that we discover from a different angle.


GALERY : capturing moments and stories through multiple reports, interviews...


MEMBERS : developing and improvingyour network.


ATELIER K : displayingthe « must have » of « savoir-faire ».


« We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools. » Martin Luther King