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Those who have never been there, already know it by the movies, TV series, music, literature. New-York is a dream machine. Diverse, frenetic, electric, magnetic, magical, vertiginous, inventive, intensive… Adjectives jostle to describe it. It is the city of superlatives. And from its mythical « skyline » to the location of the defunct Twin Towers, emerge the silhouette to facets of the One World Trade Center. New-York is THE city, the city of cities.


New York, formally named city of New York, also known as New York city or NYC, is the largest city in the united States and one of the largest city in the American continent. It is located in the Northeastern of United States, on the Atlantic coast, at the southeastern end of the state of New York. The city consists of five boroughs, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Staten Island. Its inhabitants are called New-Yorkers. It has a significant impact on world trade, finance, media, art, fashion, research, technology, education, entertainment and tourism. Grouping together all the characteristics of a world city, it is sometimes considered as the « capital of the world ». If it is no longer the federal capital of the United States for more than two centuries, it has been « feeding »  for a few decades a financial and political rivalry with Philadelphia . New York welcomes some 50 million visitors annually. Time Square, « The Crossroads of the world » is one of the most popular intersections in the world, and the Broadway theater district is the hub of the show in the entire country and a major center of the entertainment industry in the world. The city is home to a large number of bridges and tunnels, skyscrapers and world-renowned parks. New York is leading in the triad of major global financial centers with London and Hong-Kong, these three cities called « Nylonkong ». The financial district of New York anchored by Wall Street in lower Manhattan operates as the financial capital of the world and is home to the New York stok exchange, while the new One World Trade Center is the tallest skyscraper in North America. Moreover the Manhattan real estate market is among the most expensive in the world. New York is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, with its many ethnic neighborhoods, the most famous are Little Italy or Chinatown. Finally, there are institutions of world importance, the headquarters of ONU, but also many headquarters of multinationals and cultural centers such as the Metropolitan museum of art, the Brooklyn Museum, the museum of modern art, the Lincoln Center.

 J.F Kennedy heard the stableboy calling New York’s racetrack, « Big Apple » ( in the big apple = the biggest bet sense), the expression pleased him. Ten years later, many jazz musicians began to use « big apple » for designer New-York, and more particularly the neighborhood of Harlem, considered as the world capital of jazz. With the exception of the Bronx who is on the mainland, in the south of a peninsula, the city is spread over several islands, the most popular is that of Manhattan. Governors island, Liberty island are small islands south of Manhattan. Staten island is southernmost island of NYC. The boroughs of Brooklyn and queens occupy the western part of Long island. The climate is very hot and humid in summer and sometimes very cold in winter. The main climatic risks are floods, storms and blizzards, we can also mention heat waves that come back almost every summer. NYC is one of the cities with the most sports teams in all leagues. About cooking, she is also in full revolution. The wave Bio-ecolo that has disferle on Big Apple has given Newyorkers the taste of good products. Like Brooklyn , farmers’ markets flourish and urban farms grow up even on the roofs of buildings. A new generation of chefs has turned upside down culinary traditions.

And if a kind of dark episodes have left indelible traces, it is still rising, ready for new major challenges. As for us, we will also launch a new challenge with the GCT of NYC, which will take place on Governors island, small island 5 minutes from Downtown Manhattan. This island is the place to go if you want to escape the urban jungle while enjoying magnificent views, you should not miss the houses and historic forts or the best food trucks. From may to october a ferry service connects Manhattan to the island. You will have a breathtaking view of the emblematic Statue of Liberty. We will end up dreaming about, participating in this horse show which brings together the best riders in the world.

Just back in Normandy, Kevin will participate in the preparation course for the final of the Nations Cup to be held in Barcelona, before our departure, we will enjoy a dinner at Santa Lucia, this trattoria in Deauville, has not changed recipes since 1978, here we come for its pizzas. Living its walls multiple pictures of horse racing and other posters evoking the world of the horse, Santa Lucia has become over the races, the Italian canteen stars, this institution works its pizzas at « Milanese », over a wood fire with a thick but airy paste. A card who is faithful to all budgets, in a room, it must be said a little old but often fills. From the four cheese to the caviar pizza, the cooking is generous.

From Wednesday, departure to Barcelona, to defend the « colors » of our country, France. Extreme happiness of the riders than to « fight » for his homeland.

Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain in terms of population, economy, and activities. Located on the coastline, mediterranean and bounded on the west by the serra de Collserola which rises to 512m, it is considered a world city because of its importance of finance, international trade, publishing, arts, entertainment and media. Barcelona is therefore a major economic center which also has one of the main Mediterranean ports and the second Spanish airport behind Madrid-Barajas. It is also the city with the largest metropolitan park in the world, Collserola Park, in front of Central Park in New York. Having been led by the Romans, the city became the capital of counts of Barcelona and one of the major cities of the crown Aragon, after the capital of the principality of Catalonia. Redesigned several times during its history, it is a major tourist destination and enjoys a unique cultural heritage. The Güell Palace in 1984, the Casa Mina, the Güell park, the Palace of catalan Music and the hospital of San Pau are also on the UNESCO World Heritage list.. In addition , the city is also known to have hosted the Olympic Games in 1992 and more recently, the seat of the Union for the Mediterranean. Every year, visitors arrive by thousands and the number is growing. In 2015, a total of 88,988,038 tourists visited it.

So we will install our horses and start to make our mark to be able to concentrate to the maximum and try to do the best in the preparation of our horses who are athletes in their own right, without them we could never achieve our most important wishes.


So from 3 to 6 October, Barcelona will become the capital of the equestrian world and host the 108 th international jumping competition. For the 7th consecutive year, CSIO Barcelona will return to the final FEI Nations Cup, the most important competition of the international equestrian calendar. During the 4 days, the Olympic arena of the Real Polo Club of Barcelona will receive a total of 8 competitions. The competition will include the most outstanding riders in the world rankings. Five competitions will be individual while the other three will be part of the final of Nations Cup. A total of 18 different world leagues will participate in this final. The final will consist of three competitions. The top 8 teams in the opening class will go to the third and final competition, while the others will participate in the « Consoling » Saturday. The French team with a total of 12 points is equal with Sweden, Italy, but with a slower lapse of time, the tricolors will be ranked 5 th in the Final Nations Cup in Barcelona.

Back, in family land, to work the other horses and enjoy again walks on the beach... Kevin and his team are preparing for « Le Mans », necessary contest, CSI2* Boulerie Jump, to obtain important data on the new horses. Upon his return to Pennedepie, Kevin will start organizing his departure for CSI5*-W Oslo.


Oslo, state capital of Norway occupies the territory lying at the northern limit of the fjord bearing its name, it is crossed by the river Akerselva. In all other directions, the city is surrounded by green hills. There are about 40 islands in the surrounding area, the largest of which is Mamoya (the iron island), and no less than 343 lakes, which are an important source of drinking water for the entire western part of the city. The highest point is the hill Kjerkeberget (the mountain of the church), at 631m. While the area covered by the city is remarkably large compared to other European metropoles, the osloïte population remains low. The municipal territory includes many parks and open spaces that gives it a green and airy appearance.

Although most of the forests and lakes surrounding Oslo are owned by private landowners, there is a broad popular consensus for their conservation, even if it goes against the development of the city. Oslo is the third most expensive city in the world, after Tokyo and Osaka, which is compensated by the unique living environment offered to city dwellers, with almost immediate access to wilderness, no green space or forest is distant from more than ten minutes walk from his door. The Peninsula of Bygdøy( south west of Oslo), largely residential, is very appreciated by the inhabitants of the agglomeration of Oslo, in particular for its calm, its small streets, the nautical bases and the wealth of its various museums. there is also the King’s farm. The climate of Oslo is of humid continental type, tempered by the proximity of the atlantic Ocean and the Gulf Stream. Winters are cold, with temperatures below zero from november to march. January is the coldest month. The cold record in Oslo was reached in February 1871, with -27,9°C. The snowfall is spread evenly over the winter months. A few attractions to visit or see, Radhhuset, the city hall, where is held annually the public ceremony of the Nobel Peace Prize, Nobels Fredssenter, the nobel center for peace and conflict in the world, Akershus Festning, the citadel of Akershus: military command center, but especially architectural ensemble and open space to the public, encased between two bays of Oslo ( Pipervika and Bjorvika), Kongelige Slott, the royal palace, Stortinget, the parliament , Frognerparken, field 40-hectare parkland with Gustav Vigeland’s sculpture complex, Holmenkollen , the ski jump, Tryvannstarnet whose summit rises to 529m, crowns a place of prominence dominating Oslo and the birth of its fjord and the depart from the nordic ski runs, Operaan, Oslo’s new opera, Nationaltheatret, Oslo Domkirke, the Oslo Cathedral inaugurated in 1697.

It is now time to launch The Oslo Horse Show, this year CSI5*-W, with the opening of the show jumping world cup, with each season, a new talent appearing throughout the qualifying rounds. The organization team proudly invites you and your friends and family to the Telenor Arena for a spectacular event in the deep urban jungle of Fornebu in Oslo but in the very beginning, let’s look for food from the body.


There are restaurants of all kinds and at all prices in Oslo. Tabakii Asian, Ysakaya restaurant offering Asian tapas, creative in an elegant setting, Ysayaka is a japonese phenomenon but which is inspired by other cuisines, in particular, Korean and Chinese, crabs and lobster simply great, Tjuvolmen Sjomagasin, fish and shellfish restaurant, in a vast clear space, at the edge of the water, special adaptation of the dishes, The Christiana, a very lively restaurant and bar on the weekends. At Christiana, the old side meets the new and the antiques are associated with the modern design, the bar prepare delicious cocktails every day. Do not forget the fasts foods, Vippa for a sunset on the dock, Oslo Street Background, Pacifc Poke with seafood and fish, vegetarians are welcome. Let’s rethink the spirit with trials worthy of the greatest names of riders. Kevin will already collect some points during this first stage.

A quick hello to the family in Normandy, and again, we are on the road all the holy day, between anything else, we should stop, take a break, but without a doubt we leave for Helsinki, south of Finland, capital Helsinki occupies a peninsula of the gulf of Finland. Its central avenue, Mannerheimintie, includes various institutions, including the national museum which traces the history of the country, from the Stone Age to the present day. It also includes the imposing parliament and the Klasma art museum. All of red bricks, richly decorated, Ouspenski cathedral overlooks the port. We are there for the second stage of the world cup, where Kevin takes again some points…


Very quickly, stay faithful to us…..


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