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Half Pad - Ogilvy

Original Half Pad Jumper

Ogilvy Equestrian

Original Half Pad is the result of technical and technological progress without precedent, in the service of comfort and protection of horses.

Gifted with the same Top Line than Friction/ProfilePad by Ogilvy, this half pad is designed to free and protect withers and back behind the saddle of horses. This V-Shape leads to a better bearing of half pad and a big improvement of the protection of horse comfort and health.

Enhanced with anti-friction and 3-D shock absorption materials, FrictionFree Jumper Pad  behaves like a real « buffer pad », absorbing riders schocks on the back of horses, through a simple transfer of the movement inside the pad and away from his back.

Ultra-resistant, washing easily, reinforced, light, soft,… there are a lot of adjective to consider this halfpad whom imperfections are rare.

The memory foam (elasto-viscose mousse) in a very specific grade of resilience. The memory foam pads fills then the gaps between horses and saddles. The Ogilvy memory foam inserts allow to fit perfectly and comfortably the saddle to different type of horses and to adapt it to the constant muscular development of horse.

Key Features :

-          Anti-slip

-          V-Shape: special protection for the withers and the back

-          Maximum breathability, moisture wicking

-          No rubbing, no friction

-          Distributes pressure more evenly

-          Anti-microbial and anti-fungal

-          Stain resistant

-          Improved saddle fit

-          Quick dry cover

-          Handmade and customizable

Available Models :

 Size : Regular (saddle 16.5’’ – 18’’)

Color : Body/Piping/Binding

- Black/Red/Black

- Black/White/Darl Grey

- Navy/White/Darl Grey

- Midnight/White/Darl Grey

- Grey/White/Black

- White/Black/White

- Black complet