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Helmet KS by Samshield

The KS by Samshield was born from the collaboration between Kevin and Samshield to offer you a helmet meeting the latest safety norms, both elegant and comfortable.

Materials for an optimal safety

The outer shell of the KS Helmet by Samshield is made with polycarbonate, material used, among other things, for high-end motorcycle helmets. It’s sheathed with genuine grey Alcantara®.


The inner shell is made with polystyrene with variable density, ensuring a better dissipation of the energy produced in case of shock.


Perfect adjustment of the size for an unequaled comfort

An extensive anthropomorphic study enabled to draw an inner shell shape presenting an unequaled comfort.

3 shell sizes are available: S, M and L.


Each shell can receive 4 to 5 inner comfort pads of different sizes to obtain the perfect fit for the rider’s head.

The grid of offered sizes ranges from 52 to 61


Thanks to this system it is also possible to go with the growth of a young rider.



The “shape memory” inner comfort pad assures a consistent thickness over the years of use. The semi-rigid leather chinstrap prevents the risk of the helmet tipping in case of violent movement.


This inner comfort pad is removable thanks to a clip system, a lot more resistant than the Velcro.

You can wash it as much as you want in order to constantly wear a clean and good scented helmet.


Incredible inner air flow

Equipped with two frontal air entrances, the KS Helmet by Samshield ensures remarkable ventilation.

The fresh air is directed both from the frontal entrance under the coat of arms and the channel obtained thanks to the unique contactless concept with the rider’s forehead.

The fresh air chases the hot air to the extractors, located at the back of the helmet, around the comfort pad, making the perspiration impossible! This concept generates an incredible inner air flow avoiding the use of visible ungraceful air entrances: the equestrian elegance is maintained without banning the technicity and the comfort.

The Helmet KS by Samshield comes with a removable and washable inner foam along with a travel bag.


Helmet KS by Samshield features:

Shell : grey Alcantara®

Top : black lizard

Trim : black chrome

Coat of arms : black chrome

Outside left chinstrap : Kevin Staut name inscription

Outside back chinstrap : KS logo inscription


Before ordering, we recommend to measure your head size with a tape measure and refer to the head size table (in cm) and then select your head size and the shell size corresponding.


If you have any question, you can send an email to : atelier-k@k-equestriancommunity.com


Delivery date : 15 working days

Each helmet is made to order.


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